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Camping road trip!

There are a few reasons this particular trip came up. I love driving through the mountains and along the coast in the south bay area where I live. I’ve driven a few hours south, but never really gone north of San Francisco. Jenny’s from Washington and wanted both to visit friends and family as well as show me the Hoh Rainforest. I also have a sexy new Honda Fit, which I’ve been lusting over for years due to its utility while camping. Hoocha, hoocha, hoocha- our camping road trip was born.

This is the sloppily pieced together journal I’ve written up upon returning home.

Neither my car, nor my tent.
Neither my car, nor my tent.

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I think you’ve raped me quite enough, thank you.

Now that I have a place to live, I need to get my stuff delivered. Both because I just plain want it, but more importantly, because my social security card and/or passport are in there and I need them in order to get paid at work.

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Moving to California

Most people didn’t know I was moving to California, mainly because I don’t tell people shit about what’s going on in my life. In order to minimize confusion and maximize my not telling you shit about my life, I offer this brief summary of recent events before regaling you with the tales of my journey across the country.
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