This time, Peter was the douche!

After the fireworks last night, Peter crashed at my place rather than heading back to my parents house and then back to his place the next morning. After I went to bed, he was still up on my computer playing WoW, at at some point grabbed the box of Ritz crackers out of the pantry.

Well, he finished them off, but he also left the box on the table when he left. Dirty doesn’t care that there’s no crackers. She only cares that there were crackers. It’s the essence she’s after! Behold the shredded box of essence!

It’s peanut butter vomit time, peanut butter vomit time!

Right. About that whole being good about not leaving food out thing…

Dirty’s has been on medication for a UTI for the past week or so. She’s had several accidents inside the apartment and so we’ve been keeping the kitchen door open in the hopes that she’ll pee in there, rather than on the bedroom carpet or living room rug. For a while, she was being really good about the kitchen being open again. I’m told she’s pulled a few things out of the sink, but nothing really worth writing about. Until now, of course.

Dirty hates her pills, and it turns out Danielle and I both have different methods of tricking her into eating them. I hide it in a handful of her kibble, while Danielle smears peanut butter all over it. I was not aware of this, and did not notice that she left the peanut butter on the table for me to use with her pills. Dirty did!

She ate pretty much an entire jar of peanut butter yesterday, and appeared to be stomaching it all pretty well for a while. Not anymore. She has now peanut butter puked in the apartment twice. Once on her bed (that’s good), once on the bedroom carpet (that’s bad).

I’m sure you’re all very disappointed that there are no pictures.

How about a little hot pepper for ya, huh?!

Considering we’ve gotten pretty good about getting all food items & containers out of the living room when we’re not home, there hasn’t been anything to post about Dirty getting into. Apparently some time yesterday, Danielle left some red pepper mix (Shichimi Togarashi) on the living room table, which Dirt quickly took and opened. Judging by the fact that there’s hardly any less in it than when she got it, I’d venture a guess to say it was a bit too hot for her. I only wish I could’ve seen her face when she tried it.

It is a mystery!

I don’t even know where she found them, but Dirty got into two gladware containers today and turned them into little bits in the bedroom. Of course, I didn’t go into the bedroom until about 3 seconds after giving her a treat.

I’ll have to see if Danielle knows what was in them or where they were.

She needed her fix.

In her usual douchy fashion, Dirty made a mess again the other night.

We came home and saw that someone cute and furry had been riffling through Danielle’s pursebag; the contents sprawled out like a poisoned kindergarten class. Amongst the deceased were such things as a Neti Pot, toothpaste, a chequebook, a Mach 3 Turbo razor, and various other things that I have no clue what they are.

For a good while we had no clue what she was after in there, until later discovering her mouth and her bed smelled like chocolate. It wasn’t until later that Danielle remembered she had a packet of hot chocolate in there, and it just occurred to me now that I don’t think we ever found the wrapper.