Flash flooding!

We had dug a hole into the ground at Muad’Dib, and then started digging under the surface to let the ground be sort of a roof above us.  It was a large room and we left a mound of dirt in the center as a bed of sorts.  Then there was a flash flood and the room started filling up with water, and I went up to the surface where the car was filling up as well.  I opened the doors to let the water out and got caught in the stream of water, which dragged me and most of our gear out quite a ways, to a cliff.  I managed to grab a tree branch right before falling over the edge, my weight pulled the branche down a good ways and then it sprang forward like in a cartoon, bringing me back to the ground safely.  Later on after things dried out a bit I went in search of all the gear and braught it back to the campsite.

This is not the land we expected.

I drove out to Nevada with Profit and Andrew.  I got there before them in my old geo, and parked right when I started driving up to the sand.  I got out and asked a mother with two young girls running aroun about people getting stuck in the sand.  She said there was one time a guy had tried driving through, got stuck, called a tow, and then went right back in getting stuck again.  I left my car and went looking for the guys, to try and figure out how we were going to get across.

While I was waiting for them, the sandy area flooded like crazy.  I ran back for my car, but I couldn’t see it.  There was another car floating around and letting water into its owpen windows, I flipped it right-side-up and pushed it out of the water.  I didn’t see my car anywhere, and while I was looking around I dropped my keys.  I dove under and was luckly able to find them quickly.  I got out and dried off a bit.  When they showed up, the water had started going down, and we could see my car was starting to emerge.  Fortunately I had closed the windows, and no water got into the car.. we pushed it out and it started right up.

Somehow we got across, and on the other side there was a bus system.  We hopped on the bus and it took us to our property, which turned out to be a run-down old house the bus driver mentioned used to be long to Charles Manson.  We got out, grab bed some sticks to clear up the cobwebs, and started going to town inside.  It felt like we couldn’t even stand up without our hear gitting caught in spiderwebs, it was disgusting.  I turned around at one point and fell into a thick web.  Fortunately, no spiders were to be seen.  We bsasically cleaned as we explored.

I went outside at one point and a neigh bor came outside to say hell,o and threw some timy object into our garbage.  I told him we’d throw some of our mess into his back yard garbage pile in return, and he had no issue with that.  He mentioned that some regulatory body comes by and checks the garbage every now adn again, and I figured that he had thrown something into ours that was going to get us a hefty fine.  I decided I’d look for it and throw it back in his pile once it got dark.

We all met up on the roof of the second building in the back at one point.  The shingles were sort of a pearlescent purple, and this building was in much better shape.  After a couple minutes there, it started to rain and we went back inside.  This building looked like it was meant to be a large indoor pool, but instead of water, there was just a couple folding tables at the bottom, and a paper craft town constructed, with the houses forming a shape of the cross.

Eiffel Tower.

Just came across a post on Reddit which reminded me of my dream last night.

I was in some park and visiting the Eiffel Tower.  There was some tunnel you had to walk through to see it, and both the tunnel and a bunch of other architecture blocking the view outside were graffiti’d like crazy with crappy work.  Someone had also painted a huge piece of cardboard with some dumb message about the perfect view of the tower being marred by graffiti.

Then I walked around to some other outlet of the tunnel, and there was nothing blocking the view at all, and you couldn’t see any of the graffiti.  I just laid on the ground with my camera looking up at the tower taking photos of it as the sky got all dark any stormy looking, and then just enjoyed watching a storm from the tunnel.

Afterwards, I sort of just ambled back through the park trying to find everyone I was supposed to be with in the first place.

Medfield’s own horror scenario!

I had gone back to Medfield for some reason and it had taken a turn for the worst.  I walked through some cafeteria and recognized a couple familiar faces, though they didn’t recognize me.  After leairg there, I started walking through the woods.  Igot some message from my mother that ew’re not supposed to go in the woods anymore… something abuot some plague going on.  I ignored that and walked through the woods and snuck into what looked like a quarrantined area.  Sneaking around, I discovered there was some crazy shit going on.  It was like a zombie apocalypse had happened or something.  Apparently there was some plague that was rapidly changing people’s dna and making them into weird monsters, or removing parts like mouthns or noses.  There was some research room that I had gotten into and messed around on the lab computer to see what was happening.  At first I just sort of fucked with the machine, since it wasn’t very well locked down, and left it open for me to get back onto later.  I then went into some other area of the town that seemed completely unaffected and even possibly unaware of what was happening- or at least pretending not to know anything about what was going on.  At some point someone mentioned something that clued me off to a solution to the whole problem.  Apparently the head researcher had a twin sister who was stuck ut in the forbidden woods as being patient zero.  It turned out she was actually immune to the plague and it was the head researcher who was patient zero, and causing further infections.  I managed to trick the researcher into getting trapped in the research lab, where her sister had pulled her through into the woods and switched places with her.  The twin then went around and started healing people by scratching them with her overgrown nails.  People started going back to normal after that.

So Jenny, my two porn star pals, and I went to a party…

Someone was giving Jenny, Amber Rayne, Phoenix Marie, and myself a ride to some party.  Jenny was sitting up in the passenger seat and I was in the back with the others.  Amber reached for my junk, but I swatted her hand away and said “A) I have a fiancée, and B) She’s right there, in the front seat, looking at us”.  After that, the 4 of us just walked around bored at the party.  Eventually we all went outside.  It was raining out and we walked down the hill by some tree.  While we were there some other girl on some sort of scooter or unicycle or something came flying down the road, up onto the grass and up the hill a bit.  When she tried doing a quick stop like you’d do on an ice rink, she spun around, fell and smacked her face into the mud.  We all had a good laugh, which woke me up.