Now I am become Troll, destroyer of cults.

Those close enough to me that I trust have known for a while now that I’ve spent most of my time since moving to California living two lives.  In one life, I’m a desktop and server administrator for a respectable IT outsourcing company.  I have a social security number, I pay my taxes, and I help my land lady carry out her garbage. The other life is lived in computers where I go by the hacker on steroids alias Anonymous, and am guilty of virtually every troll they have a meme for. Continue reading “Now I am become Troll, destroyer of cults.”

Smooth operator.

So while looking for a room to rent here in California, the nicest place yet was with this cool girl that works for TiVo. I tried renting the place, and she ultimately decided she’d rather rent it to women. While that certainly sucks, she’s a regular climber at the gym about 2 seconds from her house, and asked if I’d be interested in meeting up there sometime. This is awesome, and I said “hell yes”.

So tonight we met there and were bouldering for a bit. We were going back and fourth trying a V2 that was giving us some trouble, and on one of my turns that I was actually making some progress, I fell and twisted my ankle. It wasn’t too bad at first, and I was able to complete a few other climbs, but then it pretty much said “No, sorry, fuck you Jaeson. I’m done”, and then it was done. After only maybe 30 minutes or so of climbing together, I had to be King Douchebag and call it quits for the night.

Stupid ankle. I fight my social retardation like hell, trying to be outgoing and meet new people in the area, and you go and screw it all up. Thanks for nothing.

Geek + Fireworks = Awesome as hell.

Last year, Justin and I bought an electronic firework launcher for our annual Fourth of July festivities. The thing absolutely sucked. It was slow and error-prone to set up, and even when it was connected properly rarely lit the fuse. We ended up manually lighting pretty much everything, it was so bad. That night, while we were setting one off, we decided to build our own damned ignition box.

Just under a year later, we realized that we still hadn’t started on the box, and quickly started brainstorming ideas. Continue reading “Geek + Fireworks = Awesome as hell.”

I’ve waited all my life for this moment… I think I might cry.

After approximately 25 years, 7 months, 3 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes, I can now finally say that I have shaved while driving.

I recently purchased a Braun 360 Complete (8985), and it’s fucking awesome. I have no clue how such a thing would manage, but it appears to get a way closer shave than even my Mach3 Turbo ever has, without cutting my face up!

Behold all of its shavery glory!

It’s an expensive purchase, especially since I think I’m permanently stuck at the beginning stages of puberty. With this thing, I don’t think I’ll end up waiting a month or two before I remember or feel like shaving again. It takes no time, makes no mess, doesn’t leave me with shaving cream behind my ear where I didn’t notice it, and doesn’t require changing the blade for 18 months. The bloody thing even cleans and recharges itself!

While I totally recommend this thing… uh, keep it limited to your face, fellas. Just take my word for it.