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I think you’ve raped me quite enough, thank you.

Now that I have a place to live, I need to get my stuff delivered. Both because I just plain want it, but more importantly, because my social security card and/or passport are in there and I need them in order to get paid at work.

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Thank you, Andrew.

Because without broadcasting an open wireless network with an SSID of the same name, I wouldn’t be able to get online tonight.  I’m not sure if I’m reading it wrong, if it was written wrong or if there’s some greater issue here, but I can’t get online using the info my new roommates left me.  It doesn’t appear as though there are any other computers connected, at least at the moment.  I’ll just have to hope that Andrew isn’t planning on checking his network traffic. Now then, time to abuse my mooching.

Smooth operator.

So while looking for a room to rent here in California, the nicest place yet was with this cool girl that works for TiVo. I tried renting the place, and she ultimately decided she’d rather rent it to women. While that certainly sucks, she’s a regular climber at the gym about 2 seconds from her house, and asked if I’d be interested in meeting up there sometime. This is awesome, and I said “hell yes”.

So tonight we met there and were bouldering for a bit. We were going back and fourth trying a V2 that was giving us some trouble, and on one of my turns that I was actually making some progress, I fell and twisted my ankle. It wasn’t too bad at first, and I was able to complete a few other climbs, but then it pretty much said “No, sorry, fuck you Jaeson. I’m done”, and then it was done. After only maybe 30 minutes or so of climbing together, I had to be King Douchebag and call it quits for the night.

Stupid ankle. I fight my social retardation like hell, trying to be outgoing and meet new people in the area, and you go and screw it all up. Thanks for nothing.

Moving to California

Most people didn’t know I was moving to California, mainly because I don’t tell people shit about what’s going on in my life. In order to minimize confusion and maximize my not telling you shit about my life, I offer this brief summary of recent events before regaling you with the tales of my journey across the country.
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