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I’ve waited all my life for this moment… I think I might cry.

After approximately 25 years, 7 months, 3 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes, I can now finally say that I have shaved while driving.

I recently purchased a Braun 360 Complete (8985), and it’s fucking awesome. I have no clue how such a thing would manage, but it appears to get a way closer shave than even my Mach3 Turbo ever has, without cutting my face up!

Behold all of its shavery glory!

It’s an expensive purchase, especially since I think I’m permanently stuck at the beginning stages of puberty. With this thing, I don’t think I’ll end up waiting a month or two before I remember or feel like shaving again. It takes no time, makes no mess, doesn’t leave me with shaving cream behind my ear where I didn’t notice it, and doesn’t require changing the blade for 18 months. The bloody thing even cleans and recharges itself!

While I totally recommend this thing… uh, keep it limited to your face, fellas. Just take my word for it.