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How to offend your future son-in-law, in 3 easy steps.

When the idea of watching the movie your future son-in-law has spent 2 years creating is proposed:

  1. Ask what the movie is called.
  2. When you hear “Sexmatic” in the title, immediately dismiss the movie as not for you, despite not knowing the actual premise of the movie.
  3. Instead, watch a horribly scripted and acted crime show in which a woman was killed, pushed out of a limousine onto a highway, run over by 6 cars and ends up in 18 pieces.

My favourite part was the one character that at least 6 times said “What the hell is wrong with you people?!”

Thank you for your love, understanding and support.

I Restructured. Eat me.

I’ve switched some things around, not that you’d notice. Especially since I’m fairly certain I’m the only person that currently looks at this blog, and it’s my own. How’s that for narcissism?

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We didn’t fall through the floor

The American Sexmatic screening turned out to be pretty great, and I’m quite pleased to see that I still have a floor in the living room as opposed to a giant hole looking down into the apartment below. Both of these things make me rather happy.

Photos of tonight’s craziness.