Camping road trip!

There are a few reasons this particular trip came up. I love driving through the mountains and along the coast in the south bay area where I live. I’ve driven a few hours south, but never really gone north of San Francisco. Jenny’s from Washington and wanted both to visit friends and family as well as show me the Hoh Rainforest. I also have a sexy new Honda Fit, which I’ve been lusting over for years due to its utility while camping. Hoocha, hoocha, hoocha- our camping road trip was born.

This is the sloppily pieced together journal I’ve written up upon returning home.

Neither my car, nor my tent.
Neither my car, nor my tent.

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Moving to California

Most people didn’t know I was moving to California, mainly because I don’t tell people shit about what’s going on in my life. In order to minimize confusion and maximize my not telling you shit about my life, I offer this brief summary of recent events before regaling you with the tales of my journey across the country.
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We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

My friend Chad was in New York City this week on business, but had pretty much all of Friday free. For the first time in the 11 years we’ve known each other, he was finally somewhere close by enough where we could meet up.

Naturally, I filled out the paid time off form for my work, telling management:

I trust this will remain private and confidential, and I feel you deserve the honest truth.

The woman I’ve kidnapped and been keeping in my trunk for the past week now has 3 days worth of food next to her and is starting to smell. I will be travelling out-of-state to meet a friend who will help me dispose of the body. We’ll then be going out for smoothies.

Fortunately, only some of management thought this might be a serious concern which should be reported to the authorities. I was still a free man to travel to NYC, the perfect city to meet Chad in.

Without further adieu, THE MAP!

That’s right. Chad and I are about two of the biggest Ghostbusters losers you could possibly imagine, and we hold that unique label with great pride. We set off to see several of the cooler locations used to film one of the greatest movies ever made.

Please join me as I regale you with the retelling of our journey and links to pretty pictures!
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GPS was made specifically for me.

I occasionally do freelance work for a doctorb in Chestnut Hill. On my way home, I’ll often head a few minutes out of the way in order to get a burrito from Boloco. It only sets me back about 20 minutes, and it’s the closest thing there is to enjoying the giant, delicious burrito’s from the Black Bean, in Flagstaff, AZ. Justin enjoys these wonderful burritos as well.

Recently, Justin scored the both of us several coupons for Boloco, each granting us a burrito for a buck. He did this by somehow finding a way to digitize our love-seed and eMailing it to the president of the company, and this was their thanks in return.
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