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But I’m so green and leafy!

Over the weekend we bought a sofa table to replace Danielle’s bureau as the thing to put our turtle tank on. It’s in our living room in the place of the two giant, ugly bookshelves we had, and looks awesome. It’s sturdy and has plenty of tic-tac-to-esque storage space for all the turtle stuff we have.

Today I discovered that Dirty thinks she is a plant. Why else would you eat Plant Food Tabs w/ Iron, right? At least, she was a plant, until she apparently discovered that Plant Food Tabs don’t taste very good. She tore all the packaging up, but only ate one of them.

Danielle wasn’t sure if they’d be bad for her, so I called the company that makes them to ask if there’s anything we could or should do to get it out of her system. Fortunately fresh water is all they suggested, and said with the rare exception of an allergic reaction, it shouldn’t affect her at all.