Ahh, college.

I went back to college. Tym and Peter were both going there as well. Dad drove me there with a bunchof stuff in the car and i headed into the cafeteria wearing ym bathrobe over myc lothes. I went outside and opened up the back doori nto someones room. There were three guys, one was using like a 10′ long, thin tube to suck the other guys toes. I apologized for intruding adn asked if they knew where I could find an RA to give me my room key. Two of them pointed to the guy sucking on the tube, who then asked if I could wait. For some reason I took part of the tube, which was going through the other guys earlobe. We had no clue how the hell that happened, and fortunately the tube wasn’t solid and my pieces were clean.

I went back outside and my dad had already hne home. Tym and another kid knoked on someone’s door tring to get them excited for somiething. They wore wearing boxing gloves and hoods.

Evnthually I ot y room and called home to have them bring some stuff. nothing had been packed yet and I had to basically tell tehm what to grab. That wasn’t working though, and I apparently ended up at home.

Some girl was spraying something in her room to make my room smelllike farts.