It’s peanut butter vomit time, peanut butter vomit time!

Right. About that whole being good about not leaving food out thing…

Dirty’s has been on medication for a UTI for the past week or so. She’s had several accidents inside the apartment and so we’ve been keeping the kitchen door open in the hopes that she’ll pee in there, rather than on the bedroom carpet or living room rug. For a while, she was being really good about the kitchen being open again. I’m told she’s pulled a few things out of the sink, but nothing really worth writing about. Until now, of course.

Dirty hates her pills, and it turns out Danielle and I both have different methods of tricking her into eating them. I hide it in a handful of her kibble, while Danielle smears peanut butter all over it. I was not aware of this, and did not notice that she left the peanut butter on the table for me to use with her pills. Dirty did!

She ate pretty much an entire jar of peanut butter yesterday, and appeared to be stomaching it all pretty well for a while. Not anymore. She has now peanut butter puked in the apartment twice. Once on her bed (that’s good), once on the bedroom carpet (that’s bad).

I’m sure you’re all very disappointed that there are no pictures.