In real life it’s called Thermite, and is not so easy to play with.

Someone was burinng a beeswax cangle on the driveway and someone else took their lighter and lit a flame in the middle of the wik.  Iit started burning hotter than the other flame, and burnt through the wick enough to make the top half fall to the ground where it extinguished.  the flame on the candle then uickly burnt through the entire candle, and even stayed lit on the driveway for some time.  apparently it had been lit with some gelatinous fuel called lycos, which made flames burn super haot and super fosat even past being on the fuel.  They liked using it to set ropeladders on fire ond have a sign on the street calling for help to get down from their treehouse.

I went and bought some of the fule from some random shop owner who made hit.  He filleda small gasoline tank I brought over from his ubcket of it.  It was thick and chunky and dark bluish purple, and I have no clue how the girl got it into her bic-like lighter.