Flash flooding!

We had dug a hole into the ground at Muad’Dib, and then started digging under the surface to let the ground be sort of a roof above us.  It was a large room and we left a mound of dirt in the center as a bed of sorts.  Then there was a flash flood and the room started filling up with water, and I went up to the surface where the car was filling up as well.  I opened the doors to let the water out and got caught in the stream of water, which dragged me and most of our gear out quite a ways, to a cliff.  I managed to grab a tree branch right before falling over the edge, my weight pulled the branche down a good ways and then it sprang forward like in a cartoon, bringing me back to the ground safely.  Later on after things dried out a bit I went in search of all the gear and braught it back to the campsite.