Michael Jackson, and LIPS. Roowwl

I was walking through many puzzle rooms, very influenced by Eternal Darkness. I ended up back at the Flaggie hostel, and asked if Mitch could do me an enormous favour. Get me two tickets to the Michael Jackson concert from L.I.P.S. (the apartment people next to the hostel) so my friend and I could go. He told me it wouldn’t be a problem at all, they had two tickets left and he’d be glad to get them for me. If there was more, I don’t remember it.

These dreams get annoying

Was at the movie theater with Tym. We saw Jo & Justin together at the other end of the theater. After the movie ended, Tym pointed out that they looked back at us. I commented that the stupid green hats they were wearing didn’t make a good cover, and called Justin a prick. He made fun of me, and I then grabbed the plexiglass covering from a Dunkin Donuts sign to hit him with.

We then were at what looked like Harding St. right by his old house. He was trying to walk up the road to get away from me, but there was something to do with oil going on. He and JoAnn called back at each other, she was nowhere in sight though. Hitting Justin with the plexiglass didn’t hurt him.

Then I was in a conversation with Jo, she told me she wanted to have a kid. I flipped out and told her she isn’t ready for that, and is way too young to have a baby.

Bang, zoom, too the movies!

I went to the movies with Tym and found that Evan was in the theater. He sat next to us and we talked and enjoyed the movie. Afterwards I went to Jo’s house where they were making dinner. She looked upset at me, and then told me I may want to hide. Right as she said that Justin said hello to me, and I chased after him and started punching him. It wasn’t hurting him though and he laughed it off.

I was kicked out of the house, and when I got home he was outside by his car. I continued beating on him and trying not to let his laughing get to me.

Think about it

I kept breaking into the Jokers house, which was guarded by Will Ferrell. The house was on what seemed like Wheelocks fields, with a pool and no school there.

I would sneak into the attic to try and learn about the aliens, since they weren’t co-operating. There was a plexiglass window cut into the floor of the attic, and one corner had a hole cut from it for a bunch of the Jokers people to jump through after a dance number they did. They caught high-tension wire and slid down after jumping through.

I found that putting a magnet between the speakers on a TV would descramble the signal, and I was able to watch about the aliens. I had to run to the corner, where the attic had an open wall with a railing. Will saw me and came down as I jumped over the railing and tried working my way to the left. He got the jokers attention, though, so I jumped down and ran around the perimiter. Will followed me, telling where I was each step of the way. When I was outside the fence by the pool, I picked up a large rock and walked over to him, saying “I’m leaving, stop fucking following me.”. He walked back to the house, and I ran through the field.

I heard them talking over in the area where I first jumped out from. They were commenting and laughing at the fact that I had stepped in dogshit.

and I woke up

Don’t bike to Lowell

I swear I’ve had this dream before, or it a movie I’ve once seen.

I’m one of 4 or 5 kids, trying to get someplace (the name was Lowell). We were riding very old and little bikes together, it had a “Stand by me” sortof feeling to it, this dream. We followed a road to its end, and it turned out to be a horse farm, where the moment we turned around our horse was inside the kitchen window of the only house, hanging by a hook. I snuck inside and took the horse down, and then soon as I looked back, the girl in our group was up on the hook. The large woman who lived in this home had taken her down and refused to give her back, she wanted someone to play card games with.

The rest of us stayed outside for awhile until the lady allowed us to stay in the garage, where we could watch she and our friend play games together. The house wasn’t very dirty, but she never cleaned.

One day the phone rang, and an officer asked her if she had seen us children. She waved at us to quickly leave as she was told to enter us in a contest to win a car, and to act like it wasn’t a set-up.

As we were riding away quickly, I rolled down the hill and had to walk my bike back up. Two of my friends vanished infront of my eyes, and I called to the girl asking why. I got no response. I asked afew times, and then realize it was because they had lied, though I don’t know when or what about, I was the only kid who spoke in this dream.

We sat down on the curb of a drive-thru resteraunt, and started throwing small rocks across the parking lot and at cars. A clown band began playing, and we started dancing to their music. They started egging us for money, and the girl started walking away. I called for her, and eventually began following her. The main clown called to me as I walked away, and his band left him in a fit.

I don’t remember anything else, but this feels way to familiar.