Google accuracy and cellphone ettiquite.

I was at some restaurant, on the phone with Jenny’s grandmother.  She was having some trouble with her phone in that it was giving the address of the restaurant wrog.  As I was talking to her I had jenny order me some turkey sandwich, and then immediately after it was rung up, I asked if i could change it to tuna.  I looked out the window of the restaurant and realized it wasn’t the phone that had poblems, but google just didn’t have the right info for the restaurant.  I told her the correct information and tried figuring out how to update the google info.  While I was on my phone doing that, some father with his 3 kid s came over and asked me to put my phone away, since it was rude in a restaurant.  I told him to kiss my ass, that he wasn’t my father, and that I was 33.  He then got real rude, and his teenage kids even started getting up in my face.  I kept my phone away from them as I took a picture of them coming at me, and made sure everyone saw them as I tried dialing 911 to report an assault.  I woke up before anything else happened.


I was at some movie theater that was trying some new form of 3d type thing.  Instead of glasses you just ate some bizarre fruit which made you sort of hallucinate.  It was supposed to help with 3d, along with making it so that no matter  where in the theater you were, even if you had someones head lolkcing tyour view, you could still see the screen fine ias if it was right in front of your face.

We were watchihng some movie movie will smith made about the technoligy using the fruit.  Later I went outside to the lobby where the employees were uper rude to me.  They were also being super stingy about things like how much water they’d pour into a glass and scooping out extra if too much was poured in.


Then I was at some river with some crazy rock formations and tunnels there to explore.  As I was swimming and climbing around I noticed the water level rising up to the high rocks I was on.  Kids and their families went sreaming and running away and I just sat uon top waiting for the water to start pouring over the rock so I could slide down.

A really poor place for the road to go upside-down.

Dad was driving Jenny and I around in his old minivan.  It was raining out and we were on some super high up highway.  The roads had gotten pretty bad and we saw a few other minivans spin out, and a couple even went through the guard rail and nearly fell over the edge of the highway.  I asked dad to slow down a bit, freaking out a bit at the other cars having almost gone over the edge.  He slowed down, and then we came to a part where the road did a barrel roll.  He stayed his current speed and when we went upside-down we didn’t stick to the road and started falling.  We missed landing on the road up-side-down, and were heading straight towards the ocean.  screaming on the way down woke me up.

Oprah don’t take no shit.

I was in a classroom beign taught by Obama as a subtsitute teacher.  The president of the school was also in the classroom, she was Oprah Winfrey.  The lights were dimmned and we were watching some projection on thescreen and Oprah paused it for a second after hearing some guy in class mutter the word “nigger” at Obama.  The guy was black himself, and she grabbed him and started punching the shit out of his hface and yelling about how stupid he was.  After leaving the guy a bloody mess on the floor, she stomped out of the classrooom talking shit about the kid to herself.  Obama then went on to present to the class.

Don’t. Steal. My. Car.

We went to get haircuts at this new place.  It apparently catered more towards kids and when we made our appointment a woman let us in right away, only to tell us it would probably be about 30 minutes before being seated.  after walking through the door it was just a huge line going back and fourth down a sloped floor.  Kids everywhere and a singel peros n with a pair of scinssors giving everyone terrible haircuts.  I dorn’t recall how long we stayed around theer.  It was creepy and loud and everyone got terrible haircuts.

Later, I was walking down my street back at my parent’s house and saw my car with the door open.  I figured I forgot to close it or lock it and someone had broken in and started freaking out.  Getting closer, I saw both windows and doors broken open and the back was smashed to hell.  Looked like someone tried breaking in and then driving it semwhore to only get in an accident.  I started looking to see if anything had been stolen ad then stood in my neighbor’s yard while calling the police.  Some kid came to the car and rifling through it like he knew where things were, and I got the idea that he is the one that did this.  I grabed him by the neck and smashed his face into the car, and then strangled him for a good long while, all while I was on the phone with the police.  My entire hand reached around his neck and I kept hitting him against the car.