Gels, wet clothes and giant trebuchets.

I fell asleep right after watcing How Its Made on creating lighting gels so i think tat explains this.


Storm michelle jenny and I were making gels for  their wedding.  We decided to also use some as part of the table centerpiece.  When I asked storm what the colour theme was going to be, he gave me catalogue names instead of actual colours like red or blue.


later, jenny and I were going to a concert in southern california and were staying with friends.  we brought louie and they had several poofy little tdogs that were even smaller than him there.  we left for the concert but dropped off clothes at a laundromat that also had an arcade.  lot’s of people were hanging around there, and i think even zuckerburg was talking to some people at one point.  I met justin outside but my clothes weren’t done yet and had just a few minutes left in the washer.  W ewalked around and saw some building that was apparently a new airport.  instead of runways it launched planes into the air with a sgiant trebuchet.  some plaines even had flapping wigs to help them fly better.  When my clothes finished washing I asked for a garbage bag from the front desk so I caould pack them up to take home with me.  The guy took me into the back and ofund a paper towel for me.  I told him I needed a garbage bag, not a paper towel, and explained it was to holdmy wet lclothes.  The back groom was in the middle of being painted, so he handed me a painters drop.  I just took it, instead of explaining what a garbage bag was and why it was needed for wet clothes, and wrapped the cloth painter drop around the wet clothes seeral times so it wouldn’t so ak through as quickly.