Eiffel Tower.

Just came across a post on Reddit which reminded me of my dream last night.

I was in some park and visiting the Eiffel Tower.  There was some tunnel you had to walk through to see it, and both the tunnel and a bunch of other architecture blocking the view outside were graffiti’d like crazy with crappy work.  Someone had also painted a huge piece of cardboard with some dumb message about the perfect view of the tower being marred by graffiti.

Then I walked around to some other outlet of the tunnel, and there was nothing blocking the view at all, and you couldn’t see any of the graffiti.  I just laid on the ground with my camera looking up at the tower taking photos of it as the sky got all dark any stormy looking, and then just enjoyed watching a storm from the tunnel.

Afterwards, I sort of just ambled back through the park trying to find everyone I was supposed to be with in the first place.