Medfield’s own horror scenario!

I had gone back to Medfield for some reason and it had taken a turn for the worst.  I walked through some cafeteria and recognized a couple familiar faces, though they didn’t recognize me.  After leairg there, I started walking through the woods.  Igot some message from my mother that ew’re not supposed to go in the woods anymore… something abuot some plague going on.  I ignored that and walked through the woods and snuck into what looked like a quarrantined area.  Sneaking around, I discovered there was some crazy shit going on.  It was like a zombie apocalypse had happened or something.  Apparently there was some plague that was rapidly changing people’s dna and making them into weird monsters, or removing parts like mouthns or noses.  There was some research room that I had gotten into and messed around on the lab computer to see what was happening.  At first I just sort of fucked with the machine, since it wasn’t very well locked down, and left it open for me to get back onto later.  I then went into some other area of the town that seemed completely unaffected and even possibly unaware of what was happening- or at least pretending not to know anything about what was going on.  At some point someone mentioned something that clued me off to a solution to the whole problem.  Apparently the head researcher had a twin sister who was stuck ut in the forbidden woods as being patient zero.  It turned out she was actually immune to the plague and it was the head researcher who was patient zero, and causing further infections.  I managed to trick the researcher into getting trapped in the research lab, where her sister had pulled her through into the woods and switched places with her.  The twin then went around and started healing people by scratching them with her overgrown nails.  People started going back to normal after that.