Confirmation: I am the best person any Customer Service representative will ever deal with.

For the first time ever, I got started on holiday presents early this year-  well, with Jenny’s presents at least.

“Now I’m gonna bend over, and when I do…

A friend of mine had pointed out a good while back that he found a drawing tablet on Monoprice that had excellent reviews, and pissed all over Wacom and their ass-raping prices.  Seeing as I’ve lost track of how many nights I’ve gone to bed at 1 in the morning, with Jenny still trying to crank out her next page of Zombie Killers, I’ve kept this tablet in the back of my mind, waiting for the perfect time to give her a gift.

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I’m diving!

Pictured: Me.

About 4 years ago, Justin and I said to each other in perfect unison, “Hey cunt, wanna learn to scuba dive?”  “Yes.”

I then almost immediately moved out to California, leaving Justin to get certified on his own a few months later.  Jenny’s into scuba diving as well.  She’s been certified since she was 13, and had her father as a diving buddy.  With my inheriting Ray’s gear, and Justin coming out next September for a wedding, it seemed like the perfect time for me to get off my ass and into the ocean.

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Now I am become Troll, destroyer of cults.

Those close enough to me that I trust have known for a while now that I’ve spent most of my time since moving to California living two lives.  In one life, I’m a desktop and server administrator for a respectable IT outsourcing company.  I have a social security number, I pay my taxes, and I help my land lady carry out her garbage. The other life is lived in computers where I go by the hacker on steroids alias Anonymous, and am guilty of virtually every troll they have a meme for. Continue reading “Now I am become Troll, destroyer of cults.”

I sure hope Customer Support enjoys my emails…

I placed an order with ThinkGeek the other day. For a few years, I’ve had this kickass super dark blue glass that says “geek.” on it. It looks like the glass is black unless you hold it up to a light, and then you can just barely tell it’s actually translucent. I decided I wanted a matching one, and placed the order.

The following is my back and fourth conversation with Customer Service. I thought it was too good not to share, so here you are!

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Voilà! Teh Funnies!

My brother, two friends and I play World of Warcraft together on Monday nights. We’re all in a guild named RoshuTastic, which was created to profess the love for my brother’s main character, Roshu. Roshu is in an actual raiding guild, however, and not in the Roshu-humping one. Now I shall regale you with the retelling of of this past Monday night.
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